On Ulmerton Road (Route 688) Between US Highway 19 and 66th Street North

Suncoast Workshop/Warehouse Center is made up of thirty 1800 SF (30' x 60') workshop/warehouse units. The units are constructed of concrete block with an insulated metal roof. The ceiling is 16' high at its lowest point. All units at the Center have two overhead 10' x 12' roll-up doors plus two pedestrian doors. All driveways and parking areas are paved with concrete. Each unit features a finished office, a bathroom, a laundry tub sink, electrical outlets around the inside perimeter wall of the shop, skylights, a roof ventilator, and a sealed and coated concrete floor. Some units have been upgraded with 3-phase electric panels, central HVAC, and additional build-out. For more information about our workshop/warehouse units, please contact us.

Suncoast Showrooms is located at the front of the property right on Ulmerton Rd. There are four 25 SF x 40 SF showroom units. While build-out varies from unit to unit, each unit has a glass storefront with 14 ft high ceilings. Each unit also has it's own private restroom and central a HVAC system. All walls are non load-bearing allowing for easy modification. For more information about our showroom units, please contact us.

If you are interested in leasing space at Suncoast Workshop/Warehouse Center, please complete the Leasing Application.

Buildings B, C, D, E, & F Lease Plan

Buildings B, C, D, E, & F Floor Plan

Building F Addressing
Unit 113747Unit 313751
Unit 213749Unit 413753
Building E Addressing
Unit 113721Unit 313717
Unit 213719Unit 413715
Building D Addressing
Unit 113655Unit 413661
Unit 213657Unit 513663
Unit 313659
Building C Addressing
Unit 113633Unit 413627
Unit 213631Unit 513625
Unit 313629
Building B Addressing
Unit 113501Unit 713549
Unit 213509Unit 813557
Unit 313517Unit 913565
Unit 413525Unit 1013573
Unit 513533Unit 1113581
Unit 613541Unit 1213589

65th Street North
Largo, FL 33771

Building A Floor Plan

Building A Elevation

Building A Addressing
Unit 16483Unit 36491
Unit 26487Unit 46495

Ulmerton Road
Largo, FL 33771